Bill's School

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Bills School is our local Independent Training Faculty, that teaches extremely valuable courses, covering topics that you wouldn’t typically find elsewhere, for an agreeable price!

Bill’s School was established pre-COVID, teaching face-to-face courses in our Stratford-Upon-Avon-based office, however, obvious barriers for face-to-face training were imposed by the pandemic, provoking Bills Studio to innovate and overcome. To do so, we began utilising the Internet to network our resources,  enabling us to provide the same courses for a reduced price, and the added bonus of being taught from the comfort of your own sofa!

With quality in mind, we use top professionals in their field to teach our unique catalogue of courses, that cover topics such as Diabetes and healthy weight loss, BitCoin basics and screenwriting essentials. We believe that knowledge is certainly power in our current climate and are constantly looking for ways to improve quality of life; we aim to achieve this through our highly valuable, affordable, and accessible courses!