Midas Light Films

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Midas Light Films is one of our Media Production Companies, created to aid in the production of any independent media project, whether it be music videos, short films or TV series. We are a small team, with humble beginnings during COVID-19, relying on the internet to share resources. 

It’s from this that we’ve found efficient, low-cost, high-benefit methods of production. We are here to turn small ideas from independent companies, like us, into fruition, in a way that won’t break the bank, as we fully recognise how difficult independent film-making can be! Starting with music videos and short films, we have learned our many lessons and aspire to be a major production company based outside of London.

Fostering a further interest in film-making in the Warwickshire area would be a goal that we aspire to fulfill through providing small businesses an opportunity to thrive with maximised efficiency and minimalised cost.